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Money Idioms

Christine Scott

No description

flat broke Some politicians will accept a ________to buy their vote.
scrape together When I was a child, we were _______. We didn't even have enough to eat.
pony up I can't buy that car! I don't have _____________.
an arm and a leg The Smith family is _______. They are the richest people in town.
kickback I wanted to visit my boyfriend, so I'm going ___________enough money for a bus ticket.
on the house Maybe if we all ______, we can afford a new computer.
money to burn Tommy didn't break the window, but his father still had to _______ the money for a new one.
loaded I don't have very much money, but I want to ______ on a new dress.
in the red The Smith family is _______. They are the richest people in town.
bottom dollar My mother collects coupons. She has to ______ so I can go t o college.
hard up That car looks expensive. I bet it cost _______.
pinch pennies I'm broke. Yesterday I spent my ___________.
chip in I asked for your opinion and you gave my your ________.
two cents worth Once we pay our debt, we won't be _______________.
splurge I don't like the job, but I am ______ for money.

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