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Mrs. Mullan

Word Bank -- burn, chocolate, copy, criticism, difference, down, end, fortune, gold, good, grand, growth, heavyweight, home, ice, justice, live, miracle, news, odds, opposition, order, out, roar, secret, shrimp, silverware, small, teacher, tights, ugly, unseen, vacation, war

war Pretty ____
silverware Living ____
copy Recorded ____
chocolate Old ____
justice Original ____
home Random ____
gold White ____
unseen Constructive ____
end Student ____
shrimp Jumbo ____
secret Loose ____
grand Civil ____
burn Plastic ____
odds Light ____
tights Baby ____
ice Loyal ____
out Awful ____
fortune Freezer ____
criticism Build ____
live Sight ____
small Inside ____
roar Growing ____
ugly White ____
growth Even ____
order Mobile ____
heavyweight Small ____
miracle Negative ____
opposition Criminal ____
vacation Dry ____
difference Working ____
news Open ____
down Minor ____
teacher Dull ____
good Same ____

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