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SAT Words

Austen Gussenhoven

Puzzle that has 30 random words from the SAT

Parsimonious chaos
Pedantic of or relating to the sense of taste
Gustatory to put aside
Abrogate obscure
Demur fear of open spaces
Agoraphobia to present falsely
Censure accidental
Bemoan criticize
Penury lack
Bellicose read carefully
Motley lazy
Petulant clothing
Peruse sneaky
Fortuitous pretentious display meant to impress others
Garish flagrant
Pandemonium irritable
Denizen loud
Nonchalant a quantity of food taken
Rescind assorted
Coterie praise
Purport native
Effluvium frugal
Dearth to object
Surreptitious withdraw
Repast a slight or invisible exhalation or vapor
Raiment poverty
Torpid a group of people who associate closely
Adulation regret
Egregious casual
Ostentations warlike

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