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SAT Word Puzzle

Laurie Carneiro

SAT Crossword Puzzle - composed of words most used on the SAT test!

collusion of peculiar behavioral characteristics
holistic to give bodily form
nefarious economical
censure to prove to be false
equitable noisily defiant
hedonist disgusting, loathsome
staid rude or clumsy in behavior
boorishness to glorify
laggard the quality or state of being shy
mundane expression of sorrow
exemplary of uncertain significance
vindicate to regard with respect
incisive excessive flattery or admiration
equivical impossible to attack or challenge
cathartic arrogant assertion of unproved principles
auspicious revengeful
precocious easily understood
prosaic incapable of being expressed
cartography combining elements from a variety of sources
equanimity attended by favorable circumstances
dogmatic of a reddish color, cheerfully optimistic
florid vanishing like vapor
adulation interests about two conflicting positions
superfluous the quality of being calm
polarization one devoted to pleasure
quell marked with enthusiasm
diffidence ordinary
lamentation to speak of or treat with contempt
abhorrent vividly or movingly expressive
consummate worthy of imitation
impetuous proper
vindictive complete poverty
laud a theorist
destitution clear and sharp
felicitous straggler
eclectic capable of being shaped
venerate complete in every respect
obstreperous admirably suited
malleable to put down forcefully
zealous fixed or permanent
evanescent common place
lucid to make clear or plain
ideologue flower
idiosyncratic infamous by way of being wicked
cursory a secret agreement for illegal purposes
ineffable to brag or boast
disparage an error in the order of time
intrepid characterized by early development
rancor emphasizing the whole
anachronism cleansing
sanguine fearless
swagger marked by violent force
elucidate performed with haste
frugal resentment
impregnable an expression of strong disapproval
refute being beyond what is required
decorous the art of making maps or charts
embody to reduce in esteem or rank
eloquent just and impartial
deride to clear or accusation

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