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Crossword test: PAST, PRESENT

Hayley Roberts

This is further practice of the tenses you have been learning on the 'drop down' puzzle. Words in brackets need to be bchanged to the correct form.Click on 'SOLVE ONLINE' and away you go-GOOD LUCK!

Yesterday He (take) the last banana and hid it in his pocket.
closed Tomorrow I am ________ shopping
going The shop was (close) this morning as the owner had to go out.
opened __________ I am going swimming.
played He was crying because he had (fell) over.
going I am (write) a letter to my friend.
walk She was (sing) very loundly.
fallen We can go for a ____ tomorrow as the weather is going to be nice.
joined He told her that the dog had (smash) the vase.
Tomorrow They ______ football last week.
smashed Tomorrow me and my best friend are______ to the cinema.
writing When she (open) the door her cat ran to meet her.
singing _______I wrote a letter to my friend
played She (kiss) him and he turned into a frog.
kissed past tense form of 'play'
broke Last week I (join) trampoling club.
took past tense form of 'break'

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