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Weekly Vocabulary

Jacyn Cook

Vocabulary Crossword puzzle

mundane To cause to continue indefinitely; make perpetual.
lavish Existing as an essential constituent or characteristic; intrinsic
mitigate Characterized by or produced with extravagance and profusion
negate Difficult to believe; not plausible.
inundate Of, relating to, or typical of this world; secular; Relating to, characteristic of, or concerned with commonplaces; ordinary
listless Having the nature of or resulting from malice; deliberately harmful; spiteful
opulence To cover with water, especially floodwaters
perpetuate Incapable of being corrected or reformed
inconsequential Lacking importance
incorrigible Stubbornly adhering to an attitude, opinion, or course of action; obdurate
indiscriminate Wealth; affluence; Great abundance; profusion
meticulous Extremely careful and precise; Extremely or excessively concerned with details.
nullify To make ineffective or invalid; nullify; To rule out; deny.
inherent Not making or based on careful distinctions; unselective
obstinate The condition or quality of being completely forgotten
pacifist To be or become weak or feeble; lose strength or vigor; To exist or continue in miserable or disheartening conditions
malicious Time information: Tue Mar 22 08:11:47 2005 Start Tue Mar 22 08:11:47 2005 Finish To make null; invalidate; To counteract the force or effectiveness of.
oblivion To moderate (a quality or condition) in force or intensity; alleviate
implausible Lacking energy or disinclined to exert effort; lethargic
languish The belief that disputes between nations should and can be settled peacefully.

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