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Carin King

No description

elucidate serious, quiet
countenance predisposition
gingerly to explain or claricy something
edification annoyance
accrimonious bitter
caste Relating to qualities that a person or animal is born with
malevolent inconspicuous
vexation instruction or enlightenment especially when it is morraly or spiritually uplifting
alleged Any system which classifys people into classes according to rank, welth, profestion
benigh accused of, charged with
unobtrusice gently, cairfuly
entailment questioning, curiose
inquisitive consequence
judiciously showing gentelness
unsullied unnerving, difficult to deal with or overcome
taciturn judging, showing good judgment
formidable to go on and on about something
predeliction somebody's face, or expression on it.
Innate evil, sneeky
expound clean, innocent

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