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25 Vocabulary Words

smile I ___________ those AOL internet CDs over time as they arrived in the mail week after week.
flightrisk Unusual or eccentric; odd
implement Irregular.
platonic Spiritual or ideal.
peculiar In the book The War between the Classes, Justin was a ________.
accumulated Series of steps to accomplish something
omniscient Corrupt.
paralegal Peter Piper picked a peck of peppers...
erratic God-like in a story.
pompous The murder convict had a high _____________.
bigot It was _________ that he would find out that his girlfriend cheated on him.
allude It was so cold that when I was walking on the icy ground, my feet became ________.
idiom It was my ____________ to feed the dog every night, or she would possibly die of starvation.
alliteration He ate like a pig. This is an example of a _____________.
naivete A sort of junior-attorney.
imagery He had bats in his belfry.
personification Innocence.
inevitable We had eager ears. This is an example of __________.
procedure Nadine saw a drug heist. She told Mary. Mary is a _________ source.
cowers The tree whistled in the wind. This is an example of ______________________.
assonance A dog ________ when it has been beaten and you go over and try to pet it.
depraved "We're like Romeo and Juliet." This is to _______ to the story, Romeo
obligation Let's put this plan into action!
secondary "Well, I AM pretty awesome. I mean, who could blame me?"
numb Ms. Jarman said you should use this instead of telling the story; use of words to appeal to the senses

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