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Vocabulary Crossword

Ashleigh Fritch and Caleb Bowling

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polarbear noisily
Cubs Mary Poppins word
winter organ that's a symbol of love
onion sang "Dont Stop Believin' "
communicate a shark movie
ohiostate a vegetable that makes you cry
Jaws sang "Come sail away" and "Mr. Roboto"
friend starred in Die Hard
oreo the opposite of summer
Styx this can be sunny, rainy, windy, foggy, etc.
blew improvised platform used to speak to a street audience
observe tribute, honor; put in a good word
blue complaint; to grumble or fuss
guessed assumed; supposed
allusion candy with the slogan "taste the rainbow"
issue one more than one
humerous the wind __________ hard lastnight
one Mom I want to go ___!
BruceWillis Do you like the color red ___ the color blue?
desert something you do in church
wear differ
supercalifragilisticexpialidocious someone you confide in
pie night bird
procedure Abb. for Boulevard
groundhog animal on Coca-Cola commercials during Christmas
egg animal who could or could not see it's shawdow
owl black and white cookie
hour four minus three
heart She went ____ the game.
taco sonic the _______________
Al _______ bell
weather an indirect or casual reference
pray problem or concern
cat talk or converse
complement to watch
gripe Chicago baseball team
or scarlet is a shade of this color
hedgehog navy or baby
to pecan, apple, cherry, peach, or sugar cream
Journey _______ in the hat
compliment a breakfast food
watt "Say hello to my little friend" movie
vary mirage or hallucination
yawn method of doing something; system
illusion put on; fatigue
red man's best friend
soapbox abandon; leave
dog ___ Pacino
Scarface ______ ________ Buckeyes
aloud funny
too something you do when you are tired
Blvd measurement of electricity
skittles 60 minutes
two the amount needed to fill something

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