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Vocabulary 4

Jarred Futrell

No description

invulnerable Cool
venial To move toward one point, approach nearer together.
cogent To move about stealthily.
uncanny Proud
esteem To find out.
skulk Associated, connected.
nonchalant Not able to be wounded or hurt.
ascewrtain Knowing everything.
bequeath Spiteful, showing ill will.
attainment Easily excused.
supercilious Exact, carefuk, attending thoroughly to details.
converge Forceful, convincing.
disperse A remedy for all ills.
malevolent Having limits; lasting for a limited time.
finite To erase, obliterate.
panacea An accomplichment, the cat of achieving.
scrupulous To regard highly.
affiliated To scatter, spread far
expunge To give or pass on as an inheritance.
omniscient Strange, mysterious, weird.

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