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Vocab Sheet #2

Elizabeth Leibiger Class A

All words from vocab sheet #2.

Oblique Art puts people's ____________ on canvas.
Maim You've never heard of the book "Lassie Come Home"? It's ________!!
Durable There's so many _____ families in Africa.
Gingerly Glasses and a moustache is the perfect ________.
Congested We have to _______ our route.
Banter The teacher just sat back and watched the _______ of the class.
Glut They _______ picked up the injured bird.
Antics There is no such thing as a dog toy that is 0 ______.
Venerate With so many 7th graders, the hallways are always ________ when changing classes.
Enterprising The supermarket has a _____ of bananas.
Invalidate He _______ to get revenge for his friend's death.
Incognito "Well, since you 'lost' your project, you'll have to start over. This will definatly be a ________ on your time and your grade!!!!!!" smirked the teacher.
Avowed Right before the huge kid checked him into the boards, he sprinted off with the puck and was only hit _______ly.
Bountiful Wow! He's really ______ with his money!
Legengary Dogs are always _______ to their masters.
Minimize Try to _______ that paragraph a little bit.
Veer Not taking a break from sports after injury may ______ her for the rest of her life.
Detriment In Pirates of the Carribean, Dead Man's Chest, Davy Jones is Captin Jack Sparrow's ______ ememy.
Wanton We need to _________ his lisence if he drives like THAT!
Frugal They began to _______ at the silly child.

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