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Vocabulary 76-100

English II

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naive a personal magic of leadership; a natural appeal
genocide the deliberate destruction of a certain group
liquidation abrupt in speech or manner; being straight to the point
disheveled overwhelmed with shock, surprise, wonder
complacent not advancing or developing; standing still
cynical to cut off the head
profound to be overcome with shock or dismay
flabbergasted extreme exaggeration
cliche bold or arrogant disregard of normal restraints; brave
epitome to tease or torment; keep out of reach
phobia consisting of many different items or people
pandemonium a category of music, art, literature with the same features
charisma being sefl-satisfied accompanied by unawareness
audacity marked by disorder; messy
blunt simplistic; unwise in worldly things; uniformed
tantalize a narrow, exclusive group of people
stagnant to imitate
emulate a great disaster; complete failure; fiasco
debacle something that has become overly familar; commonplace
genre an exaggerated, illogical fear of something specific
clique a typical or ideal example
appalled angrily distrustful of human nature and motives
decapitate a wild uproar
hyperbole having intellectual insight and depth
diversity to do away with

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