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Vocabulary 26-50

English III

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jurisdiction to refuse to acknowledge or agree with
nostalgia expression of sympathy
prognosticate subjected to verbal abuse
decadence a sentimental yearning to return to something past
ominous reserved; modest; coy
mundane appealing to self-indulgence
harass obtaining something by force or intimidation
sultry capable of being done or carried out
indiscriminate elementary; basic; simplest form
repudiate to bring to an end
metamorphosis a statement that seems wrong but turns out to be true
reviled of this world; ordinary; boring
stymie threatening
demure not marked by careful distinction; random; haphazard
belligerent to annoy persistently; keep bothering over a period of time
rudimentary the power and authority to assert the law
condolence made with earnest intent; sincere
bonafide change of physical form by supernatural force
fabricate to present an obstacle; stand in the way of
extortion inclined to fight; hostile; combative
feasible full of disorder or stress; intending to harass
rampant widespread; uncontrolled; not contained
vexatious hot with passion or anger
terminate to foretell the future; predict
paradox to make up for the purpose of deception; create

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