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english review puzzle

Adrienne Turner

for english final review

habitation occupancy.
acme a person that goes to a school.
dogma a cold dessert made of layers of fruit and custard.
scholar distress of mind caused by humiliation, disapointment, or failure.
peloton someone with mental issues.
diplomat a redish brown dye obtained from a plant.
bayou a storage place for military supplies.
ascertain To make certain.
cavalry a german secret-police agent.
henna the repetition of a intial consonant in two or more neighboring words or syllables.
nougat the purpose of doing good.
wanderlust the training of a horse.
bratwurst an opinion.
spectrum impulse toward wandering.
upbraid main body of riders in a bicycle race.
amnesia a small brook or creek
pentathlon the removal and examination or tissue.
parfait loss of memory due to head injury.
cordial fresh pork sausage.
biopsy a medieval chemical science.
alchemy A continuous range or sequence.
alliteration to get possesion of.
arsenal lamentably bad or serious.
dressage a combination of different fabrics and materials.
collage the highest point or stage.
procure sincerly or deeply felt.
benevolent candy filling usually in candy bars.
gestapo an athelic contest with five objectives.
lunatic one employed or skilled in diplomacy.
chagrin an army mounted on horseback.
woeful To critize severly.

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