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MS. Gideon


antibody intelligent; clever and amusing use of words
sullen having a very sharp or strong smell
misogynist rough-looking
illiterate dislike of people in general
recycle who a person feels sad about because he or she has died
vivacious a play in which the main character falls to disaster through the combination of a personal failing
tragedy unable to read
etiquette poison
lucid social graces
pungent a methaphor for describing the non-physcial terrain created by computer systems
transient drawn tight
wit ill humor; sluggish; gloomy
rebellion a piece of writing that pokes fun at something or someone
revolution lasting for a short while; ephemeral
transcendence to prevent or discourage the occurrence of
dishevelled lively
satire person who dislikes women
cyberspace to dry up or shrivelled
pretext behaving live a tyrant
despotic an armed fight against something
comedy of manners excuse
deter imperfection or blemish
taut a band or bandage used to stop the flow of blood
venom group of performing artists
troupe substance produced by the body to fight disase
acknowledgement to use something again
lamented aristocratic amorous affairs that are laughed upon by peers
wither a big change in something
tourniquet clear
flaw recognition
misanthropy a state of being beyond the normal range of human experience

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