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Mr. Henderson

Class crossword puzzle

altruistic it's difficult to understand or comprehend
acoustics things lying next to each other
admonition to be struck by or filled with amazement
addled approach and speak to someone
adduce an expression of approval or praise
agile warm, easy to approach
adversity to change or modify it by adding to it
aide-de-camp something that is the highest level or degree
adjourn a comparison between two things that are like but different in others
adjacent sharp, biting, bitter, irritating
abscond expert or nimble in the use of the hands
aggrandize you're very good at something
abundant more than enough;its plentiful
aloof show excessive devotion to or excessive admire
ailment quick and well coordinated
abridge to mistreat someone wither verbally or physically
aghast you have the faculty of thinking and applying knowledge
agape partially open
affable a person becoming greater in power or rank
adept to officially end, abolish or do away with
ajar branch of physics that deals with sound and sound waves
acclaim contrary to one's interests or welfare
accede to make it less bad;improve it
altercation the food of the gods
affirm mind is confused or muddled
affinity to state or declare it to be true
adhere to stick to or clings to
abortive to decorate it by adding ornaments, jewels, flowers, pictures
acuity restrained in eating and drinking
acme to make it shorter while retaining its overall sense
ameliorate to bring it forward as an argument
acrid an expression of enthusiastic praise, admiration or approval
accretion hateful, detestful despicable
accost its unsuccessful, failed, ineffectula, useless
amass to disturb or excite emotionally
accord completely surrounds
adroit a natural liking for a particular person or thing
abysmal a follower or attendant
abrogate they are in agreement or harmony
acumen military officer who serves as a confidential assistant to a superior
abstemious emotionally indifferent, detached distant
activist no definite or distinct shape
adorn a condition or state of hardship, misfortune, trouble difficulty
aegis an physical disorder or illness
acclimated unselfishly concerned about others
acolyte mouth open in wonder
adverse to be accustomed to or adjusted to
ambient to leave quickly, suddenly and secretly
analogy heated verbal or physical conflict
abominable to be under protection
abut you agree to something
amorphous things that are directly next to each other
abstruse to gather accumulate
amend natural growth or increase in size
accolade a person who aggressively supports or promotes a particular political cause or goal
abusive to refer to something as immeasurably bad.
agitate to move from one place to another
ambrosia mixture or combination of two or more diverse elements
adulate a warning or a piece of cautionary advice
amalgam ability or power to keenly perceive maturely understand and wisely judge

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