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Inference able to forsee the future
Adversity high praise
Circuitous a short story, usually funny
Abstinence indirect
Anonymous dry; boring
Synonym something that is implied from the tone and or context of the actual statement
Compare a word or phrase set off by commas that explains or describes
Amiable an unknown thing or person
Contrast to point out similarities between two items
Anecdote A word that is the same or similar
Adulation depending on a condition
restatement to say something again in a way that explains or describes
Censure a goal or determination
Arid attitude of superiority, patronizing
Collaborate cooperate, work together
Conformist to not do something that is pleasurable
Resolution person who follows all the accepted rules and customs
Antagonist A word with the oppositie meaning
Asylum to shorten, abridged
Assiduous a place of sanctuary; a hospital of shelter for people with mental disorders
Abbreviate a thing or person that is persistent or determined
Benevolent friendly or good
Antonym pertaining to beauty or the arts
Camraderie the act of criticizing
Condescending a laymans explanation of a thing, concept or idea
Clairvoyant to point out differences between two items
Example out of date, not in order
Aesthetic misfortune, challenge, obstacle
Anachronistic the pact or trust between friends
Apposition a threatening person, an enemy or foe
Conditional friendly, agreeable

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