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Vocab Final


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semantic hesitate, waver, oscillate, flatter, fluctuate
connive to overflow - syn: deluge
cajole make less severe - syn: assuage
stigmatize chasten, rebuke, reprimand, reprove, reprehend
proclivity clamorous, vociferous, turbulent, unruly, uproarious, disorderly
predilection skillful, expertise in a certain field - syn: intrepidity
prowess of the earth, dull - syn: secular
voracious a bias in favor of something - syn: prepossession
lethargy person falsely claiming to be an expert in something - syn: quack
ostracize flagrant, shocking, outrageous, conspicuous, extraordinary, gross, enormous
complacent irresolution, indecision
avarice cupidity, greed, covetousness, parsimony, niggardliness, miserliness
fortuitous accidental, chance, adventitious, random, casual
hackneyed tart, piquant, biting, piercing, caustic, incisive, acrid, nippy, racy
culmination deviation, divergence, disorientation, insanity, distortion, abnormality
coalesce meddlesome, interfering, obtrusive, bossy
obstreperous cynical
inscrutable extremely harsh, bitter - synonym: acrid
nebulous blend, unite, fuse, cohere, consolidate, merge
alleviate smug/uncritical satisfaction with oneself - syn: gratified
formidable ability to make good judgment/quick decisions - syn: discernment
castigate unusual way of behaving - syn: aberration
Charlatan climax or high point - syn: zenith
Acrimonious rigidly severe in character - syn: rigid
epitome perspicacity, astuteness, acuteness, shrewdness, wisdom, penetration
officious self-assertive, irritatingly proud - syn: contumelious
impasse odious, hateful, loathsome, flagrant, villainous, nefarious, abhorrent, execrable, flagitious
idiosyncrasy no longer able to work effectively - syn: spent
bumptious fawning, toadyish, slavish, sycophantic, abject subservient
obsequious poverty-stricken - syn: impecunious
mundane secretly allow to occur - syn: conspire
egregious inclination, disposition, bent, penchant, propensity, proneness
deviate deadlock, cul-de-sac
expedient to go off course from the norm - syn: diverge
indigent summary/part of a whole - syn: compendium
equivocal chronic, habitual, ingrained, persistent, hardened
laudable worthy of being praised - syn: commendable
pungent so overused it's become stale/dull - syn: bromidic
truculent wheedle, inveigle, coax, allure
intrinsic incomprehensible, mysterious, impenetrable, esoteric
austere essential, belonging naturally - syn: inherent
acumen meaning, clarity of ideas
heinous awakens terror - syn: redoubtable
misanthropic to mark with disgrace/disapproval - syn: brand
juxtapose misty, shadowy, obscure, confused, indefinite, indistinct
effete ambiguous, evasive, dubious, enigmatic, indefinite
inundate comparison of two like things - syn: similarity
inveterate to isolate from (esp. society) - syn: expatriate
analogy gluttonous, rapacious, insatiable, omnivorous
equanimity composure, placidity, self-possession, stoicism, imperturbability
ambiguous can have more than one possible meaning - syn: amphibolic
ambivalence working to benefit oneself (not always moral) - syn: propititous
aberration to place side by side - syn: adjacent
parsimonious pugnacious, defiant, fierce, scathing, belligerent
sagacity extremely stingy - syn: avaricious
vacillate inaction, indifference, dullness, listlessness

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