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Sage Vocab

Becky Meyer

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ichthyic a great fire, as of many buildings, a forest, or the like
alkali having gentle or courteous bearing or manner
littoral boundless
accession state of suspension or temporary inaction
encumber a servile favorite
infirm a zoo
connoisseur to recant, renounce, repudiate under oath
bedlam annoyance or mortification at one's errors
heptarchy patient endurance or toleration of offenses
effrontery lacking in bodily or mental strength
distensible framework to carry corpse to the grave
garrote musical flourish
minion crowned with a laurel for distinction
colloquialism a critical judge of art with thorough knowledge
cabalism Greek myth-dude in love with his own reflection
debonair a narrow strip of wood
illimitable to utter taunts or reproaches
felonious capable of being stretched out or expanded in every direction
Narcissus showing enthusiasm or exhilaration of feeling
accouter to waste away in flesh
gyrate to impede with obstacles
divulge to tell of make known, something previously secret
flatulence to dissolve gradually and become liquid with water in the air
deponent anything that will neutralize an acid, as lime, magnesia, etc.
caitiff to cover with ornament
broach a group of seven governments
abeyance a member of the lower house of the legislature of MD or VA
deliquesce to mention, for the first time
bowdlerize a personal weakness or failing
nostrum characteristic of one who is unduly devoted to dress and manners
abscission a boat-song of Venetian gondoliers
bedeck to make supremely happy
immiscible to expurgate in editing by omitting words or passages
batten calm
biennial to dress
cadenza the neglect or omission of a legal requirement
default superstitious devotion to one's religion
forbearance to revolve
laureate any scheme or recipe of a charlatan character
allay to renounce upon oath
bier induction or elevation, as to dignity, office, or government
foible to bring out more clearly the facts concerning
lexicon madhouse
burgess showing criminal or evil purpose
ebullient unblushing impudence
beatify a dictionary
elucidate separating, as oil and water
halcyon laying down
menagerie a plant: leaves and roots one year, flowers and fruit the next
forswear cowardly
conflagration to calm the violence or reduce the intensity of; mitigate
chagrin the act of cutting off, as in surgery
emaciate accumulation of gas in the stomach and bowels
abjure form of speech used only or chiefly in conversation
impertinence rudeness
gratuitous something to do with the shore
foppish to execute by strangling
barcarole voluntarily
gentile fish-like
gibe belonging to a people not Jewish

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