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#101.12 Aircraft Emergencies

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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dispatch _____ should be used to avoid collision with pieces of the down aircraft and escaping survivors.
Auxiliary Forcible entry and ventilation are best accomplished thru _____ compartment window with a non sparking tool.
passenger _____ aircraft should be cribbed stable as soon as practical.
safe Rescue of survivors has _____ over any and all other activities.
Caution _____ and ejection seats on military aircraft.
security _____ slides located on the normal exits of commercial passenger aircraft.
fuel Compressed or generated gasses such as oxygen and nitrogen located throughout the _____.
FAA A Command Post should be established with Law Enforcement to assist in scene _____.
battery Jet engine _____ and exhausts should be avoided as well.
angled As soon as practical, a _____ should be established with a single controlled entry point.
Escape ____ lines should be established immediately.
victims As soon as practical, the Incident Commander should insure the ___ has been notified.
Unstable All pieces, bodies, body parts, etc. found at the scene should not be moved unless absolutely _____ to effect Rescue and/or Fire Control.
aircraft Personnel should NOT _____ under any portion of an aircraft until it has been deemed safe.
Weapons Fire _____ or the creation of a rescue path may be necessary to affect rescue.
avoided Non-burning aircraft should have the fuel switches turned off (if possible) and the _____ disconnected.
operate The purpose of this guideline is to provide for ____ and effective Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting.
control _____ to a down aircraft should be made uphill and upwind if at all possible to avoid smoke and run off fuel.
Metals Propellers should be _____ due to high potential for injury.
necessary _____ power units located on some larger and most military aircraft.
Rotors The CADD system will _____ the appropriate response to the alarm and M/A call up will be by alarm levels assigned.
priority ____ will be worn until conditions are deemed safe by the Safety Officer.
Foam Combustible _____ located throughout the aircraft, particularly in the landing gear wheels.
Approach Consideration should be given to possible exits on the aircraft for Rescue of _____.
intakes An _____ approach should be made to the rear (if indicated) of an aircraft to avoid prop-wash/jet-blast.
SCBA ____ on helicopters are nearly invisible while turning.
perimeter Blow out _____ in wheels of the landing gear.
ports Potentially large quantities of ____ normally located in the wings.

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