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Assist Soldiers studying for the Promotion Board.

MESS Demonstrating composure
TACT Something that can affect morale.
DIRECTION What is a Sergeant
PRESSENCE Is a core leader competency
RESILIENCE Describes a leader's character
LEADER A team building stage
EXPERT The ability to recover quickly from setbacks, injuries, and adversity
FOUR The flow or exchange of info and ideas from one person to another
CONFIDENCE Stressor that influences behavior
ACHIEVES Acronym for Army Values
DIRECTIVE The will to do what is necessary to accomplish a mission.
PHYSICAL How many human needs are there?
PURPOSE A reason to act in order to achieve a desired outcome.
ANXIETY Who is the only person apart of your chain command and NCO support channel
WHITE A physical barrier to communication
SECURITY Brigade Commander AD COL
AUTHORITY What is NCO's principle duty?
MOTIVATION A keen sense of what to do or say in order to maintain good relations.
TRAINING An attribute of an Army Leader.
LDRSHIP Prioritizing, assigning, and ensuring tasks are completed to standard.
DISTANCE Legimate power of a leader to direct those within the scope of his position.
ENRICHMENT Power to influence a person's behavior that is contrary to that person's desires.
ADVISOR Brigade Commander ID COL
RESPONSIBILITY Power derived from a leader's knowledge, skills, and capabilities
COERCIVE Being accountable for what you do or fail to do.
COMMUNICATION A power derived from a leader's personality.
EMPATHY Is one of the four human needs
MARTIN The role of CSM to the Battalion Commander
SQUAD One of twor barriers to communication
STRATEGIC One of three approaches to counseling.
REFERENT One of three levels of leadership

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