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Making Career Decisions-Emp. Skills #1

Dr. Dave Reimer

This Puzzle is constructred usingh the glossary fron Steck Vaughn's Employability Skills Book #1; MAKING CARFEER DECISIONS.It can be used in conjunction with this set of activites, or as a stand alone in a life skills curriculum.

Interest Inventory doing work around a house
Conditions The way things are around you
Cooperative Being a citizen by birth or by court order
Citizenship Wantingf to get ahead
Dependable Being Polite
Benefits Older; past middle age
Ambitious A list that helps you identify your personal interests
Initiative Your surroundings, everything on earth
Enthusiastic Looking Ahead
Chemicals Filled with excitement
Flexible Person who helps a Pharmacist
Environment Building houses, offices, roads, etc.
Green Card being found guilty after a trial
Efficient People for whom you provide food and shelter
Considerate to decide
Elderly willing to work well withothers
Domestic Being careful about he feelings and the needs of others
Drug Store Detailer Doing something without being told
Foresight Working fast and well
Conviction Substacnes made in or used in Chemistry
Dependants Insurance and/or a paid vacation
Construction having to do with small parts
Courteous Cause to grow
Detailed Doing what it is you have said youv'e would do
Determine Work permit for people who are not U.S. Citizens
Develop being able to make changes

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