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Confined Space TSP801

Robert L. Barnes - TVA Safety

No description

enriched passes through an opening
rescue personnel Permit form 17237
verify containing less than 19.5 percent
engulfment a confined space that does not contain a hazardous atmospher
IDLH Mobile tank vehicles and tank cars shall be ____
entry supervisor Hazard commonly associated with a confined space
blanking containing more than 23.5 percent oxygen
grounded absolute closure of a pipe, line, or duct
Confined Space Entry a person stationed outside
hot work permit Each plant/site shall train a sufficient number of
low-voltage person responsible for determining if acceptable
one year written authorization to perform welding operations
ventilation surrounding and effective capture of a person by a liquid or solid
oxygen deficient Hazard control measures start with
Non-permit Duty of the Entry Supervisor
SCBA can cause an oxygen-deficient atmosphere
gases lighting shall be of the ________ type
hazardous Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
signs process by which the hazards are identified
entry ____signs shall be posted near the entrance to confined space
evaluated All permit required confined spaces shall be identified by
identification atmosphere that may expose employees to the risk of death
monitor Canceled entry permit forms shall be retained for at least
asphyxiation Confined spaces shall be ___ prior to entry
warning Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health
attendant used to maintain safe conditions in a confined space
testing Duty of the Attendant

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