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Cooking methods

Daniel Levis

Moist and dry heat methods of cooking

griddle to cook in liquid at 100 Celcius
roast to cook in liquid that is hot but not bubbling
stir-fry to cook an item partially and briefly in liquid
pan-broil to cook covered in a small amount of liquid
pan-fry to cook on an open grid with heat from below
steam to cook in liquid that is bubbling gently
barbecue to cook food submerged in hot fat
poach to cook quickly in a small amount of fat
papillote to cook over high heat in a wok
bake to cook meat in an oven
broil to cook in a moderate amount of fat over moderate heat
deep-fry done in a saute pan with no fat
boil you cook an apple pie this way
simmer to cook food exposing it directly to steam
blanch to cook on a solid surface with heat from below
saute to cook a wrapped item in its own moisture
grill to cook with heat from above
braise to cook with dry heat over coals

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