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Ergonomic Crossword Puzzle


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close If you notice ___, tingling, pain or numbness while doing your job you should report these symptoms promptly
grasping Movement done over and over is ______
legs Vibrating tools require a ____ level of force for control
surveys Three risk factors of a Muscular Skeletal Disorder are force, posture and _____
avoid Risk factors checked during ajob analysis include force, ____ and temperature.
higher Techniques usesd to reduce MSD risk factors include workstation design, task methods, job design and _____
analysis When training employees it is important to allow for gradual break-in to ____ MSD symptoms.
moving Personal ____ risk factors include poor diet, age, poor physical condition and diabetes
week Staying in ___ shape and not being overweight are keys to preventing back injuries
annually Lift with your _____, not your back
medical _______ - skeletal disorder
swelling Heat accelerates muscle fatigue and ___ risk of dehydration
controls When unloading a load, lower the load slowly using your ----, not your back
all Make sure your knife is always _____
lifting Cold causes muscles to contract and ____ effective blood flow
body Under normal conditions, muscles are capable of producing enough ____ for motion
height Three types of hazard ____ are engineering, work practice and adminsitrative
muscular Your back has ____ natural curves
repetitive When lifting a load you should stand close to the load and ____ your knees
posture There is a job _____ completed for each job
good Don't bend your ___ - maintain its natural curves
temperatures Force is muscles in the ____ that are responsible for producing force
help When carrying a loadyou should hold the load ___, keep load balanced and avioid twisting your body.
bend Always wear your _____ protection properly
risk The supervisor and ____ department work together to ensure the employee is following medical treatment to get well.
repetition When lifting a heavy load you should get _____.
decrease Micro-breaks give your hands a rest from ______
sharp When carrying a load you should face the direction you will be _____
survey Working in cold ____ will take longer for the body to warm up; and increase the level of stress on the body
training Ensure you're at the correct ____ to do your job
back Comfort ____ are conducted each year by the ergonomic specialist, ergonomic committee members and the trainers
increases Ergonomic training should be done on ___ affected employees.
hearing Improper ______ will put your back at risk
three How often is your hearing tested at the plant?
force Ergonomic committee meetings are help once per ____
legs Each year the plant completes a comfort ______
prevent Two types of posture to ____ are extreme or static postures

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