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Fall Protection TSP305

Robert L. Barnes - TVA Safety

No description

anchorage point lanyard length
competent person system is mostly used in confined spaces
locking an automatic tensioning line
tie-off capable of supporting 500 lbs
annually Safety nets shall be inspected at least
body harness attaches to a lifeline as an anchoring point
webbing capable of identifying existing
retractable lifeline provided for direct or indirect attachment to a body belt
knot reduces fall arresting forces
free fall snpa hooks must be of the ______ type
lifeline fall protection equipment shall be inspected
arresting reduce strength by 80 percent
D-ring the act of falling
two safety monitoring system shall not be used during
abraisions erected not less than 6ft from the leading edge
positioning device the only appropriate equipment to be worn
six keeper prevents
rescue system allows both hands to be free for climbing
rope grab A self-retracting lifeline can arrest a free fall within __ ft
windy hook type
retrieval connecting devices should be attached to the
weekly program established before using fall protection
PFAS act of connecting
shock absorbers flexible line used to secure a body belt
lanyard force transmitted to the body
control lines Lanyards are made of
roll-out Personal Fall Arresting System
snap Lifelines shall be protected against being

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