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Brandon Howard

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heel 3 types of control valves:ball, rotary, _________.
foam the C in the acronym CNG
combustible sides of wildland fires
booster ________-based fuels float on water.
TZO type of device that operates at high flow rates and results in large amounts of friction loss.
storz boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion
slide used to determine cargo
flammable the side opposite the head of a wildland fire.
flanks line used for small exterior fires.
straight liquids that have flashpoints above 100*F.
water a type of coolong agent
wye liquids that have flashpoints below 100*F
aerial natural gas is mostly made up of ____________.
methane type stream used if effective ventilation is delayed or not large enough.
hydrocarbons fuels physically seperated from the grounds surface.
bleve hose laid from the fire to the water source.
placard used to make 2 smaller attack lines off one attack line.
direct hose laid from the water source to the fire.
petroleum type of attack used at the base of the fire
compressed term used to describe sexless couplings.
masterstream the preferred method to control flammable liquid fires.
forward liquids that do not mix with water.
Reverse 3 types of patterns in fire attack. ABBR

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