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H S 2


Health and Safety Revision Homework

unguarded Pressure is adjusted with this
diagonalbrace A very important part of oneself
acetylene Used to keep excavations from collapse
frayed This could cause an accident
untidy This must be adequate when working in enclosed spaces
equipment Must be present to complete the fire triangle
carelessness Carried out periodically
ratio _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is better than cure
height A quick way of errecting a platform using A frames
flashbackarrester A form of LPG
trestlescaffold Collectively the items we use to do a job
ventilation How much a rope or strop can lift
regulator Prior to using an electric drill this must be carried out
hazards Horizontal component of a scaffold
residualcurrentdevice A site should not be left in this state
maintenance Machinery should no be left in this way
check Protects our lungs
eyes Part of a blowpipe
swl Using a ladder correctly, This should be 4:1
dustmask These must be removed where possible
propane Prevents flame travelling along the hoses when welding
ledger This protects us fron an electrical shock
shoring Resperators ensure this is carried out safely
breathing Upright component of a scaffold
manualifting Regulations cover this form of movement of materials
cylinders Ladders are used to allow us to work from this
oxygen Ropes must not be used in this condition
standard Flamable gasses are stoed in these
safetysigns This gives a tower stabillity
prevention A gas stored at 10 bar
nozzle these come in various shapes and colours

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