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Interview Etiquette


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eye In the interview you need to _______ yourself
job Use _____ contact during the initial greeting and throughout the interview
jewelry Remember to send a thank you ______ to the interviewer
shower Can be detected by your body language and tone of voice
tough Employers will base their first impression on this
body Bring a list of these to your interview
appearance Do this about the company before the interview
note Upon first meeting the employer use this confident gesture
handshake Be friendly and open with your _______ language
smile You should always do this before an interview
clean Make sure you do this with your clothes
attitude Do not mention this unless the interviewer does first
salary Expression that should be used throughout the interview
references Ask for this during the closing of the interview
accomplishments Avoid wearing this to an interview
research Always talk about these at the interview
sell Be prepared to answer these interview questions
resume Ladies and men should keep this to a minimum
cologne Always bring this 1 or 2 page document to the interview

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