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Job search puzzle


This uses job search vocabulary

Benefits What is the name of the document that you create to present your work history
Promotion What happend when you meet an employer
Information _______________ is a necessary part of life
Check list What proceeds a resume when sent to an employer
Newspaper Extras an employer offers above a salary
Personality What keeps us going
Motivation What is used to make decisions
Stress A positive ________ always gets noticed
First Impressions Good_______ is a must
Interview Talking to others about job possibilities
Application Helpful in making sure all items are covered
Salary Place to find want ads
Thank you note Questions asked by an employer
Networking Moving from one position to another
Internet What you fill out at the wortk site
Hygiene ______________ is sent within 24 hours of an interview
Cover Letter A process of growth
Change A series of jobs that relate
Career Tool used in job search
Resume The amount paid for a job

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