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engineer Works on soap operas.
journalist Takes photos.
hairdresser Looks after people.
fireman Makes researches .
politician Works with computers.
farmer Presents the shows on TV.
secretary Attends people at the recetion.
architect Is elected by people.
gardener Works in a restaurant.
baker Looks after animals.
detective Designs projects of buildings and houses.
plumber Reads the news on TV.
doctor Sings songs.
painter Makes bread.
postman Helps solve misteries.
reporter Goes to school everyday.
butcher Helps you find the phone number.
vet Wears fashion clothes for people to buy.
actor Sells meat.
photographer Protects and fights at war.
dentist Repair the water pipes.
housewife Protects the people in the streets.
tv presenter Helps doctors in hospitals.
teacher Takes people to places on a plane.
optician Likes working with flowers.
astronaut Teaches at school.
waiter Cleans houses and buildings.
news reader Looks after people´s teeth.
carpenter Likes animals and lives in the countriside.
businessman Extinguishes the fire.
dancer Listens and talk to people in the church.
nurse Cuts people´s hair.
receptionist Fixes people´s cars.
cashier Travels to the space.
policeman Makes furniture( table, chairs, beds).
electrician Constructs buildings and houses.
mechanic Looks for and writes the news.
student Likes dancing.
computer programmer Serves drinks to people .
cleaner Helps the boss.
singer Interviews people.
soldier Delivers letters.
priest Woks with electricity.
scientist receive the money people pay.
barman Paints walls.
pilot Does business deals.
operator Looks after people´s eyes.
model Takes care of the family and the house.

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