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Workplace Laws


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conflict Employers recruit advanced qualfied minorities (women, person with disabilities, veterens, etc.)
flsa Provides employees with u to 12 weeks of unpaid leave per year.
etiquette Prohibits discrimination in the workplace against people with disabilities.
breaks Thirty minutes is allowed for _____.
affirmative action Uemployment _____ provides benefits to eligible workers to those that are unemployed.
forty hours $6.25
workers compensation Granted to employees upon termination of employment.
child Provides wage replacement benefits and other benefits to workers if they become disabled from being hurt on the job.
meals Standard number of hours worked per week.
overtime Professional _____ builds leadership, quality, business, and careers.
severance pay If you become disabled, your ____ may received SS benfits if they are under age 18 or in high school full time.
osha Enforces regulations covering equal employment.
eeoc Empoyer is required to pay a premimum for any _____ work (time and a half).
ADA If you become disabled, your _____ who is age 62 or older and is caring for your child may received SS benfits.
spouse Provides for a safe working environment.
you Employers must offer 5 -20 minute _____.
flma _____ you can receive Social Security benefits when you reach the age of 65.
NYS minimum wage _____ Resolution/Peer Mediation is a process for resolving disputs.
insurance Establishes minumum wage, overtime, and record keeping.

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