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Manual Handling (Health and Safety)

Cheryl Wright

No description

Spine knowledge
uncomfortable Body Stressing
pushing not comfortable
consulted guarded
Technique look at your computer ____________
hazard Don't change your _______________when carrying
screen seen
Manual desk
workstation dollars
pulling Health and safety Act
Identified slip _______ fall
correct shoving
trip don't ________ for long periods
Handling strained __________ muscle
controlled down
Ergonomics turning round
Risk right
sit stop
vehicles reaching high
cost condensed
Legislation keep your __________ straight
register Bend your ______________
Strain check it out
Grip design of work enviroment
height with our machines
Stomach tugging
heart _________ over
twisting poor working ___________
Knees untidy floor
assessment getting in and out of __________
bending holding onto
environment Pulled muscle
overreaching Tighten your ______________ Muscles
injuries asked
frequency the right way to sit or stand
dislocation don't take a ________
awareness pulled apart
reduced the right way
posture how often
cluttered surroundings
eliminated manual handling records
prevention portable computer
lowering elevation
overuse what the doctor sees
laptop removed
posture danger

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