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Hospitality Marketing Final Exam

Angel {Angelina Williams}

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necessaryleakage a the components of the travel industry used to serve the needs and wants of tourists and to attract travelers to a destination.
attractions can be used to attract attention to other products
customer discretionary travel: a trip taken by choice rather than out of necessity.
completiveindustry the actual user of a product or service.
relationshipmarketing provide lodging in hotel facilities with a casino on the premises
hotel business that serve guest away from home
resorts things a person must have to exist such as food, shelter, and clothing
consumer items of specific interest to travelers, such as natural wonders, man-made facilities and structures, entertainment, and activities
extendedstay are multistoried lodging facilities that range in size from a limited number of rooms to hundreds of rooms
tourism the geographic location to which a traveler is going
casino the process of building and nurturing ongoing, solid relationships with customers
needs things a person may like to have but which are not critical for survival
e-commerce the buyer of a product or service.
discretionarytravel combine features of a resort and a residential hotel
intermediary leakage occurs when tourists' dollars are used to purchase needed goods
wants necessary leakage: the cost of promoting a US destination abroad.
leakage non-resident visitor arrivals to the United States
inboundtourism the sale of products and services over a Web site
destination offer luxurious surroundings with a variety of recreational facilities
entertainmentmarketing a person or company that acts as a link between the producer of a product or service and the consumer of that product or service

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