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Steve Wilson

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DTI Used for molten metal
Tungsten A non magnetic steel
Compound Sometimes used in coins
Thermometer Famous Cricketer
Solder Used for cutting tools
Steel Shielding gas
Carbon Base of a machine
Tonne Main part of the atmosphere
Sledge Copper and Tin
Chromium All Black Great
Aluminium A very flexible material
Bronze A light, strong metal
Uranium Modern complex materials
Composite An ore of Aluminium
Argon A lathe slide
Zinc Makes soldering easier
GMAW Copper and zinc
Meads Steel is often made in this form
Anvil A common light metal
Muldoon Used as a protective coating
Bauxite Used to heat metal
Brass Softening process
Tasman Used for electrical contacts
Forge Nuclear metal
Vernier Common fibre composite
Stainless Hammering metal into shape
Rubber Used in light filiaments
Everest Straight between North and South Islands
Otto Important part of a lathe
RHS An ore of iron
Chuck Iron and Carbon
Carbides Measures Temperature
Bell NZ Explorer
Acetylene Process to toughen metal
Black Type of steel furnace
Titanium Lead and tin
Blast Made the first 4 stroke engine
Annealing Large metric unit
Magnetite Used for electrical wire
Hillary A measurement device
Flux Holds the drill bit
Nitrogen A dangerous gas
Nickel An expensive metal
Bed Location of NZ Aluminium industry
Cook Used for accurate measuring
Hydrogen A big hammer
Maroon Common fuel gas
GRP Invented the telephone
Forging Often called fibreglass
Bradman Also known as MIG welding
Crucible Colour of acetylene cylinders
Silver A NZ Prime Minister
Pig Used by Blacksmiths
Tempering Used in stainless steel
Micrometer Impure form of iron or steel
Oxygen Worlds highest mountain
Copper Type of calipers for measuring
Bluff Used in gas welding
Gold Colour of oxygen cylinders
Headstock Famous NZ climber

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