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Desktop Publishing-Newspaper Terms

Julie Nichols

This puzzle reinforces a list of terms associated with newspaper production.

masthead the publication's identifying emblem on page one; tends to include a date; also called a flag
advance artwork, but not photos
layout written or published material harmful to one's reputation and possibly leading to lawsuits
nameplate most newspapers use this style; when the first word of the headline and any proper nouns or adjectives are capitalized but others are lower case as in a sentence
DPI the opening paragraph(s) of a story
jump dots per inch; describes the resolution of a printout, usually photos
column persuasive writing that appears on the opinion pages and reflects the staff's opinions on an issue
byline the voice and verb tense to use whenever possible because it makes writing more interesting and lively and reduces wordiness
active arrangement of copy (stories, captions and headlines), art, photos and white space within a page design
downstyle the page number, date and publication name at the top or bottom
pullout quote sometimes called bumping or tombstoning as well; headlines that are right beside one another for separate stories; a bad layout choice
lead some but few newspapers do this; when the first words throughout the headline are capitalized
gutter the line at the beginning of a story giving the name of the writer(s) and possibly the publication/organization he/she is with
justified the voice or verb tense to avoid whenever possible because it emphasizes "be" verbs and can be wordy
dummy the inside space between two facing pages; be careful not to run copy over into them :>)
passive nice design item that attractively lists things; used in infographics
attribution display type emphasizing the source's words
libel a proactive story; one that previews an event or discussion
graphics unit of measurement equal to 1/6 of an inch; space that should be left between design elements
editorializing to break or extend a story from one page to another; needs a line showing where and a headline above additional portion
butting mock-up or rough draft of a layout
bullet type that is even on both sides instead of ragged right
folio AKA caption; identifies people and actions within photos
editorial giving credit to the source (so-and-so said.)
copy any written material such as stories, opinion pieces or captions
pica a big no-no in news stories because the writer inserts his/her own opinion or biases
upstyle an individual staff member's opinion or light-hearted writing appearing on the opinion pages
cutline contact information and in major newspapers editors; also has publication policies stated

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