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Pirate Words

Commodore Northwoods

Try your skill at using Pirate Words and phrases.

sprogs treasure
fair winds girls
tankard call to attention
hornswaggle experienced sailor
shark bait highest point
shiver me timbers punishment
port type of drink
sea dog shows surprise
belay bottom of the sea
davy jones locker what you do when you're thrown into the sea, dead or alive
gangway get out of my way!
messdeck lawyer gold coin
bow toilet
blimey rob or steal
disembark friend
cackle fruit eggs
deadlights someone who is going to "Feed the Fish"
ship shape sea song
lasses take treasure from others, steal
lubber my friend
grog what??
ehhh large mug
grub rope ladder
shanty goodbye, good luck
feed the fish enter
weigh anchor vitamin C deficiency
doubloon food
lads eyes
keehaul to cheat
avast stop what you are doing
beauty left
stern back
scurvy clean
me bucko another way to show surprise
mateys well organized
ahoy boys
poop deck front
jacobs ladder untrained recruits
plunder leave
booty know it all
embark tie or secure a rope
head land lover
pillage lovely woman
flogging prepare to leave
swab another type of punishment
starboard right

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