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Police Science Crossword #1

D. Woodard

Police Science Administration of Justice, terms

Plea One who has fled from Justice or Punishment
Indictment An offense for which you can be sentenced to county jail, a fine, or probation
Burglary To enter or remain unlawfully on the property of another
Criminal damage A written accusation of a crime presented on oath and returned to the court by the Grand Jury
Assault The unlawful killing of one human being by another
Tresspass Defendant's answer to a plaintiff's declaration
Defendant Items of fact that assist in proving or disproving the truth of a situation
Misdemeanor entering with intent to steal or commit a felony
Crime Knowingly touching another with intent to injure
Theft To take another into custody to answer for a crime
Homicide A crime punishable by death
Arrest A written order or writ from a Judge allowing a person, or place to be searched or seized.
Felony Person who is sued in civil court or accused in criminal court
Fugitive Acting purposely to cause an event or engage in certain conduct
Manslaughter Crimes punishable by death or sentence to the Department of Corrections
Warrant Recklessly defacing or damaging the property of another
Intentionally Taking property of another or converting found property to your personal use
Capital Crime One who brings civil suit, bill, or complaint
Plaintiff The reckless killing of a human being by another
Evidence Violation of a Law

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