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Real Estate Vocabulary

Faye Hammonds

Lessons 1-4

severance chattel
personal property real property to personal property
estate privelege or permission
emblements special category of personal property
license dying without a valid will
allodial current form of land ownership
deed property bordering a flowing waterway
grantor means inheritable
lien receiver of the lease
intestate gov't right to take property when one dies intestate
testate financial encumbrances
situs personal property of a commercial tenant
riparian crown owns the land
condemnation transfers real property righr
lessee location
appurtenance deceased person who made the will
testator dying with a valid will
fee receiver of deed
feudal runs with the land
eminent domain degree or extent of ownership
encroachment extension of ones property or improvements on anothers property
trade fixtures government's right to take property for the public good
lessor giver of deed
grantee transfers personal property
bill of sale process used to take property under eminent domain
escheat giver of the lease

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