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126 Safety Puzzler

Troy Cannon, TSgt

This crossword puzzle is designed to test your level of safety as it pertains to our mission here in Maintenance. See how many of these you can get (without cheating - much).

HELMET Wing ground safety monitor
LTCOLPULSE Maintenance battle scars
SAFETYGLASSES Don't leave the ground with out it
EYEWASHFOUNTAIN Used correctly, to get high (legally)
DECIBELS Used to keep unattended vehicles from rolling
STEELTOEBOOTS Primary individual vehicular protective devices
TSGTHINKLE These really suck. And blow. At the same time.
FIRSTAIDKIT Stick a cork in it, audibly
LEATHERGLOVES Items used to secure maintenance stands
HEADLIGHTS How loud is loud
REFLECTIVEBELT Meat-wagon for the not-so-safe
PINS Maintenance Group safety chief
SPOTTER Gets the red out - sort of
ICE Basic stuff used to put you back together
AMBULANCE Best digital protection, hands-down
CHOCKS Wing safety chief
SEATBELTS Slippery when wet (and cold)
GRATE Program which defines Air Force safety philosophy
ORM Here's mud in your eye! (or not.)
CHIEFBERENS Foot protection in the workplace
FUELCELL Extra set of eyes and ears
MAINTENANCESTAND Maintenance newsletter go-to-guy
SMSGTBERRIDGE Not for hygiene, but gets ya clean - sort of
HARNESS On for safety
EARPLUGS Potential PM life-saver
EMERGENCYSHOWER Be sure to check in with staff before entering
JETENGINES Brainbucket
BUMPSANDBRUISES Please close after entering/exiting aircraft

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