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Voc Ed Glossary Crossword


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People Skills Opposite of full time work.
Part Time Work leaving everything till the last minute.
Procrastination An occupation which needs specialiosed knowledge.
Post Secondary Education Someone you can get a reference from.
Recreation YOu are your own boss.
Salary the tax paid on your property.
Self Employed Equal pay for everyone.
Skill It's not full time study.
Resume YOu recieve this when your employment is being terminated.
Rates Moving to another area.
Full Time Study Study after secondary school
Redundany Notice Someone's attitude.
Personality It's opposite of part time study.
Pay equity Employment that occurs in regular periodsn during the day or night.
Part Time Study Putting yourself in someone else's shoes.
Profession Good communication skills.
Referees You need this to get a job.
Role Playing Something you get from training or work experience.
Relocation An activity.
Shift Work The paymeny you recieve for working.

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