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Shania Twain


Shania Twain Songs

mCeo nO veOr
aHert sI Bdlni
naM I leeF keiL a moanW
eipnek uoy
fvrroee nad fro awalsy
toG A Hlod nO eM
oN Oen sedeN oT Knwo
uYo iWn yM oveL
Yrou`e ilStl ehT nOe
oveL Gtse eM viyeretEm
I Anit nioG Dwon
atTh tn'Do empsIrs eM Mchu
onD't eB uSpidt
rtyPa Fro woT
'mI tOtau eerH
hTe mnWao nI eM
rFom shTi onmMte
I An'it oN iturQte
eHy,on Im' emoH
uoY inW yM eoLv
mI' io'nHld nO oT oLve
'mI Gnnao hceGta Godo
rYo'eu lilSt hTe eOn
Yuv'oe oGt A Wya
eaLgvni sI Teh ynlO aWy tOu
Rcko sThi toCryun
tI nyOl tsruH hWne 'Im giBentrah
I nt'Ai 'noiG woDn
Whoes Bde Hvea uYor toBso eBne erdnU
Blkac yesE, eBlu aTser
Rgainni nO uOr Levo
uoY aLy A hWeol toL fO evoL nO eM
tlilS nredU heT hreetWa
oTw sHte,ar neO vLeo
eWnh ouY siKs eM
hkaTn ouY abBy
Wenh eH Lvease Yuo
aHlf eedrB
rFo hTe Lveo fO miH
I otLs yM Herat enhW I nuodF ouY
tgFreo eM
ertHa sI dnlBi
taWh Mdae Yuo ayS atTh
enSd tI itWh Lveo
Wdil nAd kicdeW
Sshe oNt utsJ A ttPery aFce
tI yOln rHust Wenh mI Banerhigt
intA oN rciautlPra yaW
tseC aL ieV
nI yM Cra 'lIl eB hTe revDir
odG Atin onanG Gcaeht Fro tahT
fI ouY Wnana hTcuo rH,e A!ks

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