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I have collected a number of Word Scramble puzzles that people have created and publically listed as being some of the best I have seen here.

To be considered for listing here, the author must of have listed the puzzle for others to see, it must have a reasonable title and author, and most of the words of the puzzle must be shown on the puzzle. The puzzle must have some general utility (for instance, a list of people in a class isn't interesting to that many people, but a list of the elements might be). Finally, I must like it, and I have my choices for what I like.

I may delete or rearrange puzzles as time goes on. If there is something you want to keep, save a copy. As I review puzzles, I may decide that I have too many of a particular type, and delete ones that are no longer the best examples.

Note that this page doesn't keep you from making any old puzzle you like, these are simply ones that I like.

You can help with this section!

  • Point out puzzles with misspelled words.
  • Point out puzzles that are in the wrong category.
  • Point out puzzles that you have created and are willing to list in the permanent collection (keeping in mind my guidelines above).
  • Suggest new categories.
  • I mostly know English. So my ability to put interesting puzzles in categories relating to other languages is poor. If you create puzzles to support other languages, let me know. Let me know which language!

These puzzles are broken down into the following categories. Look at these categories for the puzzles. You can also see a full list across all categories.

(12) Animals of various types
(11) The science of biology
(2) Chemistry
(1) Clothing and fashion
(4) Various sorts of Earth science
(2) Electricity
(5) Puzzles based upon fictional stories
(3) French words
(15) Geography
(18) Human health and biology
(15) History
(10) Hobbies
(8) Various holiday puzzles
(2) Indonesia
(5) Math
(8) Music
(4) Mythology
(1) Nursing
(2) Politics
(1) Quilting
(7) Religion
(1) Sanscrit
(2) Space
(3) Spanish words
(2) Television shows
(5) Vocabulary words
(11) The Workplace

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