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The web pages in this site are Copyright 2006-2015 Dave Regan.

The puzzles that are made by various people are owned by the creator, and I claim no copyright on the puzzles. It's their work that made that puzzle possible, and they can do whatever they want with it.

Puzzles that users have listed as available for the public are still owned by the creator, but they have granted me the use of those puzzles. Some of those puzzles are collected for the permanent collection, but because the user listed them for the public, I consider that proper.

I do not collect enough information (on purpose) to identify the people who create puzzles, so in general there is no way to contact people if it is okay to use a publically listed puzzle for some purpose other than the web page.

The note that people agree to for listing puzzles to the public includes:

By listing the puzzle to the public, you are giving permission for this site to use the puzzle in any collections. You are also giving other people permission to use the puzzle to suit their needs. This does happen occasionally, for example a school teacher may simply want to print out your puzzle of the US Presidents. Again, if you are unwilling to grant this permission, then don't proceed.

So feel free to use the puzzles for class handouts. Feel free to use an occasional puzzle for a newsletter. I'd ask you to not take the whole collection and make a book of them. Note that rather than using existing puzzles, you always have the opportunity to make your own puzzles.

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