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Are you interested in helping?

This web site basically runs by itself with two main exceptions.

  • Translation: It would be interesting to offer this web site in languages other than English. However, I don't really know any other language.
  • Weeding: People listing puzzles for the public sometimes list inappropriate content. These need to be pulled out, and if there are any puzzles that have lasting value, those need to be put into the Collected Puzzles collection. Again, I don't know any languages other than English, so this would be hard to deal with for other languages.

To do the weeding, the main qualifications are:

  • Interest: If you're not interested in spending a little time each week (or more often) for keeping the collection clean, then it's probably not a good idea to volunteer.
  • Language skills: I work in English, and you will undoubtably have questions. To English skills are good. If you are interested in helping with a version of this web site in some other language, then understanding that language would also be very useful.
  • Maturity: Everyone makes mistakes, and that isn't a problem. However, I would like any volunteers to be mature enough to make reasonable decisions when choosing to keep or delist particular puzzles.

If you are interested in doing, or helping with, a translation to another language, then there are some additional skills in addition to those listed above.

  • Knowlege of HTML: This web site is not set up as a Wiki, FrontPage, DreamWeaver, or anything like that. It's a modified HTML. You won't be creating entire web pages, but portions of text that are strung together in a stylized way to create full web pages. Don't get too stressed out about this. If you follow the pattern of the text in English it should work out OK.

If you are interested in volunteering, drop me a piece of email describing yourself and your interests, and I'll set up an account so that you can try it out.

Dave Regan



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