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User listed puzzles

This is a listing of puzzles that people have asked to be listed. There is no quality control over what sort of puzzles are listed here, so beware. If people use this feature nicely, this may be a place to get crossword puzzles that others have done.

You can also look at a collection of particularly interesting crossword puzzles that have been saved in this category.


Title of puzzle Author Date Score Views
Tír Eolaíocht na hÉireannDeirdre, Liz, Fiona, Mark, Aoife10 Jul 2018 06:54:12 Tír Eolas185
Contaethe na hÉireannNiall10 Jul 2018 06:51:21 Irish214
ÉireannMichael Bharry 9 Jul 2018 05:03:04 Irish271
Sa BhialannNiall 9 Jul 2018 02:19:54 Irish204
Rudaí spraoiúil agus spóirtiúilAnn Marie, Caitríona, John, Laura30 Jun 2018 07:30:05 Irish206
Tír EolasCaoimhe, Chrissy, Bearach30 Jun 2018 07:28:42 Irish187
Saor AmaKiera, Maria, Shenagh agus William30 Jun 2018 07:28:17 Irish195
Spórt agus SpraoiCian, Barry agus Katy30 Jun 2018 07:11:54 Irish205
Saoirse 1916Diarmuid 9 May 2016 04:29:02 Irish523
Tréithe an DuineDiarmuid12 Apr 2016 13:49:16 Irish603
St. Patrick's Day CrosswordK. Khalid11 Feb 2016 11:10:18662
Crosfhocal a hoanGréag Ó Nuáin14 Sep 2015 10:16:36 Learning Irish656
Crosfhocal a haonGréag12 Sep 2015 14:49:03 Irish576
IrelandJenny Wilkie10 Nov 2013 08:26:31930
St. Patrick's DayMs. Weller's A/A14 Mar 2013 14:49:20917
Crosfhocal ar léamhthuscint[no author] 6 Oct 2012 03:52:15 Fonn 3 lch 172 1093
St. Patrick's Day[no author]22 Mar 2012 19:37:551293
IrelandR Tate14 Mar 2012 13:43:021231
[no title][no author]14 Mar 2012 13:41:111153
Northern Ireland: An Old Conflict 2Ms.King17 Jan 2012 00:29:211126
Northern Ireland: An Old ConflictMs.King17 Jan 2012 00:21:271327
[no title][no author] 1 Dec 2011 19:03:191125
SiopadóireachtCiara Ní Mhurchú20 Nov 2011 07:29:301224
The CeltsCarina Tighe 5 Oct 2011 12:16:521223
Julius Ceasar & St. Patrick's DayJose Damian Vega10 Mar 2011 08:41:121165
Irish Scottish and Welsh FoodMr Shaw10 Mar 2011 04:51:241336
1916 - 'All's changed, changed utterly'Ms. Wall11 Jan 2011 12:47:581228


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