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PDF Output

HTML does not have any notion of a printed page. When users wanted to fit a puzzle to a page, they had to fiddle with font sizes and hope they got something that fits onto a page.

With these difficulties in mind, I implemented a way to present the puzzle on a single PDF print page. In general, this works well, but there are some compromises.

  • Paper size is not accounted for. In the USA we have "letter sized" paper. Elsewhere they use A4 sized paper.
  • Big puzzles, when scaled to fit, just are too small to be legible. A half solution is to allow the answer key to be put onto a second page.
  • Font selections are restricted to the fonts installed on the web server. While I have a fair set of fonts available, it isn't all that a user might have at their disposal on their computer.
  • The user doesn't have a way to control the margins on the print page.

So while the PDF output is very useful, there is still room for improvement.


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