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Puzzle Author Score Views
Government CrosswordCaigerrec=-1/24974
The Federal Court SystemLaura Williamsrec=-13301
Parliament House CrosswordHaleyrec=-1/22935
Political PartiesCatherine, Ruth, Casey, Becca, Carly2764
Peace, Nonviolence, and Human RightsS. Leah E. A. Kortman2552
Ch. 5&6 Termskimmiee2500
The 44th PresidentBarack H. Obama2457
Political SystemsLisa Pierce2430
Democratic Institutions in Canada and the United StatesTMR2358
Rights and FreedomsCarleen Novak2339
Legislative VocabularyMr. Magolisrec=12240
United States CabinetMike Lloreda2218
Greek PhilosophersThe Calculus Dragon2173
Defining TerrorismProfessor Supplee2161
current events and politics - Jan 25th, 2006DJ Entropyrec=-22150
Presidents of the USA. Goldstein1834
Grayson's Term Sheet CrosswordGrayson1633
The Preamble of the ConstitutionMrs. Sanchez769

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