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Puzzle Author Score Views
Ancient EgyptTarah Barkerrec=-1/13067
Pharaoh WordsOlivia Genereuxrec=-1/13310
Egypt Vocabulary and PeopleKevin Tidwellrec=-2/13310
Places, gods, and Pharaohs of EgyptMelissa Barclayrec=-12792
Ancient EgyptKosta Terbacirec=-12710
Ancient Egypt- The Gift of the Nile 1997
Egyptian ReligionCWS2651
Suez CanalStefan Bauer2649
Tutankhamen from Lost WorldsPuzzle by Caleb Ulrich4364
Ancient EgyptAnnie McGarrigle3260
EgyptAshley Jimenez2727
Ancient Egypt- The Gift of the Nile 141
Crossword ActivityHardeep Bassi3060
Old KingdomJeremy So122

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