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Puzzle Author Score Views
Haunted Halloween CrosswordFullMoonGirlrec=-2/413282
The Legend of Sleepy HollowJRDrec=-14129
A Christmas Carol Act 1 scene 5Jamie Hoekrec=43504
Christmas Time AgainLisa Marierec=-5/63358
ChristmasClaire Buysserec=-2/33281
A Christmas Carol Act 1 Scenes 1-2Jamie Hoek3271
It's Christmas Time!!!Kathy and Cindyrec=-2/83248
Christmas FunLinda D.rec=-1/23045
Valentine's Day CrosswordJeff Niles2975
Merry Christmas!! rec=-22916
Tribute to HalloweenJACMAC2910
HalloweenMr. Ernierec=-12867
Holidays and Their DatesStephanie Rodriguezrec=-12846
halloweentami smith and mario perez2683
halloween 2599
Cinco de MayoDonovan D. Corzo2575
A Christmas Carol Act 1 Scenes 3-4Jamie Hoekrec=-1/12554
Cultural Christmas TraditionsStacey Belcher1610
monstersMs. Piteo1511
no.title.01.html 1345
Talk Like a Pirate DayRincewind31197
All about AprilK. Khalid688

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